Teaching Assistant-Seismology & Earthquake Engineering

Time and Place: Monday 00:15-1:00PM @ 5th floor 506.

Teaching Assistant: Mohammad Sadegh Barkhordari (m.s.barkhordari{@}aut). Office hours MON to WED 2-3PM.

Instructor: Dr. Mohsen Tehranizadeh (dtehz{@}yahoo.com)

Homework: Homework assignments help students absorb methodology and concepts taught in the course and prepare them for the project and exams. There is 20% bonus for homework done by a word processor with detailed explanations at the level of posted solutions. Homework cannot be submitted after a solution is posted, typically 2 days after it is collected. Homework may be submitted with no late penalty by 5PM on the day due. After that, there is 10% penalty per day.

Exams: In-class exams are closed book.

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